Word Search Tips

word game tips

5 Word game tips

There are many types of word games. Some have rules and goals so different that their only point in common is the central role played by words. Yet, despite these differences, some good word game tips are universal. After all, words are the core of their essence and there is …

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The history of Word Search

The origin and history of Word Search puzzles

The history of Word Search puzzles is clouded with uncertainties, but a surprising feature is clear: it is a very young game. Perhaps due to its simplicity, it may seem that Words Search has been around for centuries. Nevertheless, its origins can be traced back to the mid-late 60s which …

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Benefits of playing Word Search

10 Benefits of playing Word Search

Much of the success of this game comes from the combination of entertainment and immaterial gains it offers players. The benefits of playing Word Search range from learning support to increasing mental performance, with some scientific studies even suggesting that these puzzles may be beneficial in delaying and improving dementia. …

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